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This is the fractale site documentation (may 2017).

Local Hard Disk on 3 main computers 

MMU (ram 16 Gb, 64 bits, bogo 5186)

  /dev/??? Ubuntu boot Status
SSD128 sda1 / (boot)  
  sda3 (swap)  
1TB sdb1 /media/Server NFS shared
SSD256 sdc /media/Shared NFS shared
SSD512 - /media/Public NFS shared

MMM (ram 16 Gb, 64 bits, bogo 6815)

  /dev/??? Ubuntu boot Debian boot Status
SSD500 sda2 /media/debianBoot / (boot)  
  sda3 (swap)  ?  
1TB sdb1 / (boot)  ?  
  sdb2 /home.old  ?  
SSD250 sdc1 /home.replica  ?  
  sdc2 /home /home  
2TB sdd1 /media/pge/HOMEDISK ? suspect?

MMW (ram 4 Gb, 32 bits, bogo 6184)

  /dev/??? Ubuntu boot Status
320 Gb sda1 / (boot)  
  sda5 (swap)  


Network disks

  host mount Size (Gb) Critical content
Server MMU /media/Server 940 alex alex.resources jalbum TEDscan.pdf
Shared MMU /media/Shared 240 dse gws.backup repo.fossil server.geo ted webApp
Public MMU /media/Public 500 (many)
Shared MMA /media/Shared.A 110 (none)
WD WD /media/WD  1870 (replicas of all others)
WE WE /media/WE  3740 gws.backup MATSCAPE SAPIENS 

Critical replicas on WD:

  • MMM : /home/pge
  • /media/Server/*
  • /media/Shared/*
  • /media/Public/*

Critical replicas on USB keys:

Network mount

source host mount
/home/pge MMA /media/MMA
/home/pge MMM /media/MMM
/home/pge MMU /media/MMU
/home/pge MMW /media/MMW
/var/www MMA /media/var.www.MMA
/var/www MMU /media/var.www.MMU
/var/www MMW /media/var.www.MMW

Backup / Replication Policy

Three tools (bash scripts) are used

  • BlackBackup
  • BlackReplic
  • wikiBakRes 


BlackBackup is used to save a copy of all files of the current directory into a jar.

This jar is replicated in various places (all available directories named 'BlackBackup'). For instance:

  • /media/pge/BlackDisk/BlackBackup/
  • /media/Public/BlackDisk/BlackBackup/
  • /media/WD/BlackDisk/BlackBackup/
  • /media/WE/BlackDisk/BlackBackup/

It is used interactively (on demand) only.


The BlackReplic -a process runs on MMU, MMM, MMW (not on MMA) every day using cron scheduling.

The files are replicated in various places, all being directories with name 'BlackReplic'. For instance:

  • /media/pge/BlackDisk/BlackReplic/
  • /media/Public/BlackDisk/BlackReplic/
  • /media/WD/BlackDisk/BlackReplic/
  • /media/WE/BlackDisk/BlackReplic/

When the files are under /home/pge, they are also replicated from MMM (original) to MMU, MMW and MMA.

The BlackReplic script itself contains the list of the vital directories to be replicated.


This script is used only to backup and restore the wiki data sets.

It is used trough cron schedule (as root)

  • on MMA (backup run)
  • on MMU (restore (run)
  • on MMW (restore run)

The original data is on MMA only.

The files are saved in directories named gws.backup. They are present :

  • on MMU
  • on WD